Monday, March 7, 2011

Going Rogue

It's 8am. Monday. In five minutes, I will begin my morning routine for work. It's a routine I've had, in one form or another, at one employer or another, for almost 12 years.

In five weeks, I am leaving my job. I'm leaving a salary; leaving security; leaving the halls of one of the most respected game development houses in the world. I'm leaving, so that I can start building the games of my dreams.

It was hard pulling the trigger on this one. Was now the right time? Should I wait a bit longer? Save a bit more? Like many crossroads in life, when faced with a difficult decision, I turned to the wisdom of those I deeply respect:

Truth is, it may never be the right time. I could always save more. I could always prepare more. But right now, I've got a couple years saved up. I have no mortgage; no children; no student loans. I have engaging ideas I'm ready to try.

I'm going rogue. And I'm pretty damned excited.