Monday, March 5, 2012

Blue Bottle Games, now launching!

Well folks, the day has finally come: it is my pleasure to present to you my new studio:

I'm nervous as hell, and I hope I haven't messed anything up, but I'm also proud to share what I've been working on, and excited to see what people think.

You can check out the new site at, where I talk a bit about the studio, my plans for it, and of course:

My first game, NEO Scavenger! I've made the fruits of 9 months of labor free to the public. Yes, that's one human gestation period. No, I didn't plan it that way.

Go on over there and give it a try! I'm anxious to hear what folks think; what they think went right vs. wrong, and how they think I can improve.

It's not perfect, by far, but hopefully you have fun playing. And if you're really jazzed about it, maybe you'll decide to become a supporter, and help fund more features and content!

What Does This Mean for Game Dev Gone Rogue?

I plan to continue Game Dev Gone Rogue in a limited capacity, but NEO Scavenger-related talk will now be the domain of the newsfeed on Blue Bottle Games's website and @BlueBottleGames on twitter.

GDGR will continue to be a vehicle to talk about indie-hood, running a business, and other topics that I think might be interesting or useful to aspiring indies.

I'll try to keep at least the pace of before, though I'm sure Blue Bottle Games will occasionally steal more of my time than planned.

So once again, go check out the new site! Play the free demo! And have fun!


  1. Was it because it was 9 months, or were you just trying to steal the thunder from ME3? :)

    (And congrats! I promise to check it out soon....)

  2. Haha, neither! It was because I'm 6 months over budget! I know, I know, I'm a bad producer.

    Besides, there are at least 100 ME3 developers with free time now, to give me some pointers on game design ;)

    Looking forward to your feedback!