Monday, February 20, 2012

Toys in the Apocalypse

If you came here for apocalypse stuff, you might've found the last couple posts pretty boring. So to make up for it, I thought I'd break from the business speak for a post to share some previously unreleased goodies from NEO Scavenger. Yay, new toys!

Secret Stash of Toys

First up, say hello to the new face of suburbia!
I'll take the next bus, thanks.
One of the first things you'll see in NEO Scavenger, is that the world isn't what it used to be. Much of the landscape has been devastated and abandoned. Plus, there are these large, flying creatures way back there, that can't be good.

But if you're a scavenger (and you are!), every scene like this is an opportunity. A danger, sure, but think of all the useful stuff you can find. Like this:
iSlab: Guaranteed to make you look younger than the kids who assembled it! 
What do you do with an iSlab? Heck if I know. But they're everywhere! Also, these:
Corn-a-Cola: Made with real high-fructose corn syrup! 
You can drink these. They have calories. Yummy, empty calories. They even give you a shot of pep! Just beware the sugar/caffeine crash that inevitably follows. Still, sometimes you take whatever you can get.

Dan is not responsible for sudden increases in worldwide squirrel lynchings.
For those do-it-yourselfers, there are other ways to find food. Like this squirrel snare. You'll need some branches, some string, and some know-how. But damn, if a squirrel roast isn't tasty after days of eating gelli bears!

Also, remember that rifle I showed off a while back? Well, it turns out you can accessorize it!
It goes with my shoes.
If you're lucky, you may find a shoulder strap in an old shack. Find some small parts, and something to screw the lugs with, and you can sling that sucker over your shoulder. Look ma, no hands! And if you're really lucky, maybe you'll find yourself a telescopic sight too.

No rifle to attach the sight to? No problem. Even carrying just the sight in your hands still lends you extended visibility range! Which is handy for spotting these guys:
"Will kill you for stuff."
Creatures in NEO Scavenger have always dropped the equipment they use. Unlike some RPGs, where you dispatch a guard and are lucky if he drops an item, creatures in NEO Scavenger have, use, and drop their loadouts when killed. And different creatures carry different things (except dogmen, who only carry razor-sharp claws and an irrational hatred for guys in hoodies).

History buffs may be excited by this next one:
OX News: 100% Bull.
Littered throughout the wasteland, newspapers represent one of the few (albeit limited) glimpses into what led to the apocalypse. Each paper, though weathered to near illegibility, still contains a morsel of info. Here's a sneak peek:

End of the Road for I69
I69 becomes second interstate highway to be reduced to gravel in Michigan DoT's "Resurfacing Budget Reclaimation" initiative. With two of the three major traffic arteries to mainland America reduced to secondary road status, many are concerned that access to mainland USA will become severed.

A Native American Werewolf in New Mexico
The Pueblo Rock Casino has been plagued by controversy since its announcement last fall. First, a debate over possible uranium contamination in the soil, then reports that soil from an archeological native grave site was being used as landfill for the casino. Now, a week after its grand opening, casino operations are suspended indefinitely as mutilated bodies are found on the premises by guests. Several staff members quit shortly after the discovery, reporting having seen “skinwalkers” in the casino. New Mexico authorities are barring access to the casino as the investigation continues.
Doesn't sound like good news, but I'm sure they're just a few unrelated events...


  1. Very nicely done! The newspaper bit is a perfect way to end this great post. If you are looking to drum up excitement for this game… well excitement you have drummed up. I was interested before, and now I am very interested.

  2. Hey thanks! Now I'm a little nervous about meeting expectations :) But it's good to know you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing!