Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still On the Road

Gamedev Mega-demanagement déménagement continues. Four provinces and two time zones later, we're now taking a brief respite with some family, and ETA at our new home is Sunday!

Haven't really cracked open the laptop yet. Our first night allowed for a tweet, the second night was with a wonderful host, and the third night was in a Saskatchewan hostel without internet access (or any energy to stay awake).

Mmmm, dinner!

That said, a lot of people are asking about what the heck this game is all about, and what they should expect in the future. Some friends in Montreal at first, then Gareth in the last post's comments, now friends and family here. I'm getting better at explaining it each time, but this is telling me I need to get my act together and put some sort of design doc together soon. So once we're settled in BC, I think that'll be a next task.

That, and as Brook pointed out, some damned vidcaps so he can see the snow animating instead of imagining it ;-)


  1. That's some beautiful big sky country.

  2. Now I know where the developers of Pole Position got their inspiration.