Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mission Statement

What will Game Dev Gone Rogue be about? This is a place for me to share my experience leaving mainstream game development to go indie, and the adventure that ensues. It's a scary change, but I've benefitted immensely from others who came before and shared their experiences. So in part, this is an altruistic attempt to do the same for others who come after me.

There's also the greedy/selfish bit about promoting my future games. I'll be running a business, after all! What better place to talk about my games, solicit feedback, and grow an audience. Maybe I'll start one of them twitter accounts too. (But let's not get too carried away.)

So, more specifically, I see the following topics as fair game:

  • indie life
  • indie games
  • business
  • monetization
  • flash
  • design
  • marketing
  • audio
  • programming
  • art
I'll go ahead and make those into labels too. I think it could help with organization later. My first batch of labels were pretty random, and it almost immediately seemed like they would confuse more than help.

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