Monday, March 7, 2011

Going Rogue

It's 8am. Monday. In five minutes, I will begin my morning routine for work. It's a routine I've had, in one form or another, at one employer or another, for almost 12 years.

In five weeks, I am leaving my job. I'm leaving a salary; leaving security; leaving the halls of one of the most respected game development houses in the world. I'm leaving, so that I can start building the games of my dreams.

It was hard pulling the trigger on this one. Was now the right time? Should I wait a bit longer? Save a bit more? Like many crossroads in life, when faced with a difficult decision, I turned to the wisdom of those I deeply respect:

Truth is, it may never be the right time. I could always save more. I could always prepare more. But right now, I've got a couple years saved up. I have no mortgage; no children; no student loans. I have engaging ideas I'm ready to try.

I'm going rogue. And I'm pretty damned excited.


  1. Hear hear, Dan! I'm late to the congratulations, but seeing the steam that Neo Scavenger is picking up, I think you made the right choice. The courageous one, that has never been in doubt.

    1. Thanks, twaitsfan! Been a long and twisty road since this post, but I'm 100% glad I took the plunge!