Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Have a Problem

I'm on vacation this week, so Monday's regularly-scheduled blog post will be interrupted. So I figured I'd post tonight instead, and mention a few things that have been on my mind lately.


I've been starting to feel some physical effects from working at home, at the computer. I've been spending 12 or more hours at the computer each day (between work and play), and I feel like it may be taking a toll on my body.

Two weeks ago, I was talking with Rochelle about work schedules, and the topic of non-standard work weeks came up. I remembered some folks actually work an extra hour Monday-Thursday, work normal Fridays, and take every other Friday off.

That's a neat idea, in theory, but I have a problem...

I Am a Workaholic

I ended up working the second Friday anyway. With this vacation coming up, it was easy for me to justify it as getting some work done before logging off for a week. I even worked a few hours on Saturday. I wanted to get a build out to my customers with the new combat features before I left, but it just didn't work out.

Instead, I worked so hard for two weeks that by Saturday, I was actually starting to get sick of working. That's a first, or at least a rarity, for me. I was starting to lose drive to work on things, and my creativity. I think I might've burnt myself out.

Step Away from the Computer

Getting away for a week, out in the woods, is probably exactly what I need. Force myself away from the computer. Get some sun. Chop some wood. Soak in the warmth of a campfire. Drink some beer.

When I get back, I think it's time to seriously consider running again. It's been over 6 months since I last ran. The rain makes it tough, but I think the rainy season is supposed to end soon, so it's probably time to start an exercise routine.

And I need to scale back to 40-hour work weeks again. I may still try for the 9-hour days with alternate Fridays off. Having the occasional 3-day weekend will be a nice way to relax the inevitable weekend rush to do chores, errands, and still fit in some fun.

So anyway, be on the lookout for that if you work alone and/or from home. This situation is one I didn't expect to happen to me, and it sort of snuck up. Too much work ethic can often be as bad as too little.


  1. This varies from person to person - clearly you've found you're most productive with a very regular schedule. I don't mind a bit of slack-and-crunch, although the more there is, the less extra productivity in the latter makes up for the former.

    Strangely I'm not bothered about spending free time on a computer even during crunch, but then again they're on different machines in different buildings. I can't remember if you said you have separate rooms and/or machines for work and play but if you can swing that, it might keep all your time spent on a computer from feeling like one big lump.

    And thumbs up on the exercise, I'm sure it'll help a lot. I always feel the most "blah" when I'm not doing anything physical at least semi-regularly.

  2. That's a good point. Everyone will have a different tolerance for extended work periods, and it might even vary from time-to-time.

    Having a different computer would actually make a difference in my case. Simply being in a different seat with a different posture is often enough. Not really in the budget yet, though I'm considering getting a tablet for both play and development purposes.

    Though, I still need to get out there and exercise a bit more, and get some sunshine. This past week, though leaving me sunburnt and sore of muscle, also probably did wonders for my overall health.

  3. A wise person told me that a runner who doesn't like the rain is a runner improperly attired. I didn't believe it either, but I've bundled up and had some pretty good runs in the rain. I recommend two pairs of shoes though, they take a long time to dry.

  4. That's true. Rain is probably more a convenient excuse than a reason not to run.

    Although, I can't afford extra shoes. More incentive to work hard and increase sales?