Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks for the awesome send-off, guys!

Thanks all, for the awesome send-off Friday night! It was great hanging out with everyone, clinking beers, and raising shot glasses. And despite your best efforts, I still managed to wake up hangover-free the next morning ;-) I think the secret is salty, greasy food, eaten by the pound.

Did you ever see that Micheal Jackson video for Liberian Girl in the 80s? For some reason, that's where my brain went over and over while I was shaking hands and saying goodbye. Here's a link, in case you've forgotten it:

I dunno. I think being surrounded by friends, especially such talented and creative ones, made me feel a bit like MJ. Except I wasn't spying on you like a voyeur. And I don't have a monkey. Also, Dorian didn't drive a police motorcycle through the Dub at the end.

But all the rest was the same. At least, in my head. So there you go. A glimpse into how my brain works.

Thanks again! You guys rock!

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